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7" Screen, Chart, 50/200 kHz Sonar

Take a long, hard look around.

We've combined our finest fishfinder technology with our renowned navigation technology to create a no-compromise unit with the highest screen resolution in its class.

The vertical format of the TRACKFISH 6600 optimises the boater's forward visibility when navigating, and in sounder mode, takes advantage of the 800 vertical pixels for unbelievable clarity through the water column.

The TRACKFISH 6600 can also be integrated with other Navman products increasing its flexibility and functionality.

Combined with the Navman VHF 7200 you can automatically display the vessel locations of up to three boating friends. Find out more about the fantastic Track-Your-Buddy feature here.

Navman has had expertise with fuel management systems for nearly 20 years. Select the appropriate fuel transducer for your boat and the TRACKFISH 6600 is the perfect device for managing important fuel consumption and economy information. Built-in software allows you to plot and save fuel economy curves easily, to get the best performance year after year.