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The TRACKER 5607 offers the ultimate in dedicated Navman Chartplotters - a full 6.4" VGA ultra-bright screen for critical detail close to shore.

The 5607 offers enhanced fuel management options and the fantastic NT MAX™ cartography from C-Map.

Navman's ease-of-use philosophy is spearheaded by the TRACKER 5607's user interface design. The intuitive MENU key uses situation logic to display options dependent on the current situation. Have you just set a waypoint? Then the first menu option is GOTO. Currently following a route? The menu displays CANCEL ROUTE. We call it the "Smart Key" because it knows what you are doing and offers the logical choice for all situations.

Match this unit with the FISH 4607 for a big twin screen chart / fish set-up.

Physical Features

  • Large 6.4" (163 mm) diagonal screen
  • Normal, paper night and day settings for optimal viewing
  • VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) TFT daylight view LCD
  • Portrait screen format with ergonomic key layout ideal for installation into small dash areas
  • TRACKER 5607 bulkhead mountable (kit included) download flush mounting template


  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) ready (AIS receiver required)
  • 32 MB regional background map
  • C-MAP™ NT MAX Worldwide cartography with Tide and Port Services data (optional C-Map card required)
  • New user interface includes compass and configurable data display
  • Variable backlighting with laser etched backlit keys
  • Latest SiRFstarII GPS chipset for fast Time To First Fix and fast redraw
  • 5 Tracklogs: 1 with 2000 points, 4 with 500 points
  • 3000 Alphanumeric waypoints with a choice of 48 icons
  • 25 Routes with up to 50 waypoints each route
  • WAAS / EGNOS enabled GPS solution
  • Dedicated Waypoint key and Man Over Board Key

Unique Features

  • Rugged waterproof housing rated IPx6, IPx7
  • Digital Petrol/gasoline Computer Option - requires optional fuel kit
  • NavBus to interface with Navman Marine Instruments