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TRACKER 5505(i)

5" screen, Built-in Antenna Option

Physical Features

  • TRACKER 5505/5505i has a 5" [127 mm] diagonal screen
  • Crisp 1/4 VGA resolution (320 x 234 pixels)
  • Normal, paper night and day settings for optimal viewing
  • TFT daylight view LCD
  • Portrait screen format with ergonomic key layout ideal for installation into small dash areas
  • New user interface includes compass and configurable data display
  • Rugged waterproof housing rated IP67
  • TRACKER 5505 bulkhead mountable [kit included] download flush mounting template


  • WAAS / EGNOS enabled GPS solution
  • C-MAP™ NT MAX Worldwide cartography with Tide and Port Services data (optional C-Map card required)
  • Variable backlighting with laser etched backlit keys
  • Latest SiRFstarII GPS chipset for fast Time To First Fix and fast redraw
  • 3000 Alphanumeric waypoints with a choice of 48 icons
  • 25 Routes with up to 50 waypoints each route
  • Dedicated Waypoint key and Man Over Board Key
  • Four speed cursor settings for fast panning and accurate control
  • 5 Tracklogs: 1 with 2000 points, 4 with 500 points

Unique features

  • Digital Petrol/gasoline Computer Option - requires optional fuel kit
  • NavBus to interface with Navman Marine Instruments
  • Dedicated Man Overboard (MOB) hotkey
  • Full two year warranty
  • Fully waterproof with an IPx6, IPx7 rating (immersed in 3 ft [1 m] water for 30 minutes)

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