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Navman Digital Radar

2, 4, 6 kW Power

At Navman we are renowned for our heritage in GPS development. When we tackled radar, we wanted the same core values invested in this technology: make it reliable, make it easy, and make it for everyone.

We've hired leading radar experts and partnered with an established radar company to deliver you Navman High Definition Digital Radar, an accurate and economic choice for reliable surface detection. Radar's primary uses are vessel detection and collision avoidance, particularly in reduced visibility conditions like darkness, fog and rain.

High Definition Digital Radar means:

Exceptional detection of small or distant targets, using advanced digital signal processing.

Advanced digital signal processing ensures tracking and chart overlay can be displayed with confidence. High-resolution data is retained throughout operation - nothing is lost.

Presents targets better and rejects clutter using digital Sensitivity Time Control (STC)

Screen-clutter from rough weather is cleared away using sensitivity settings tailored for specific conditions.

10-target MARPA

MARPA software allows you to select up to 10 targets and compute their speeds and directions. You can track the progress of each target and be alerted if any of them present a danger.

(MARPA available mid-2007 with simple software upgrade.)