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Navman Digital Radar

2, 4, 6 kW Power


Note: Adding radar to your boat requires at least two components - the scanner, and the related processor unit.

When ordering a radar system, please ensure both the scanner AND processor unit are ordered.



AA004792 6 kW 1.22 m (4 ft) open array + 20 m cable

AA004782 6 kW radar processor

AA004791 4 kW 600 mm (2 ft) radome + 15 m cable

AA004781 4 kW radar processor

AA004790 2 kW 450 mm (1.5 ft) radome + 15 m cable

AA004780 2 kW radar processor


Heading Sensors

AA002437 Heading sensor with integrated fluxgate compass (HS02)

AA002443 Heading sensor with input for stand-alone compass (HS03)

AA002803 Stand-alone fluxgate compass


Radar Connection Kit

To handle the wide range of possible installations, Navman has put together a connection kit with:

  • Serial communications cable
  • Heading sensor Y-cable
  • Third party NMEA input cable (for third party heading sensor/autopilot, outputing NMEA HDG sentence)

AA002461 Radar connection kit