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MULTI 3100

The Essentials In One Compact Unit

The MULTI 3100 is a multi-function instrument, delivering all the functions of Navman's DEPTH 3100 and SPEED 3100.

You may choose to have the data displayed on the upper or lower part of the screen.


  • Large backlit digits:1.2" [30mm] high (on upper line) and 0.8" [20mm] high (on lowerline)
  • Swap functions between the upper and lower displays for optimum viewing
  • Able to display speed from the paddle wheel sensor or from a GPS as SOG
  • Speed range: 0-50 knots/0-58 mph/0-93 km/h
  • Trip and sum logs auto range to 19,999 units
  • Average and maximum speeds
  • Average and maximum speeds
  • Select resolution of 0.1 or 0.01
  • Trim speed function for tuning
  • Variable damping for optimum readings in all conditions
  • Countdown timer function (from 1 to 10 min.) Water Temperature (0C to 37.7C /32F to 99.9F )
  • NMEA 0183 outputs (PTTKV, vHW, MTW, vLW, PTTRD, DBT, DPT)
  • Displays depth to a maximum of 400 feet, 130 metres or 67 fathoms*
  • Too deep and too shallow alarms (run both at once to provide anchor watch facility)
  • Adjustable keel offset (3.0m 9.9' 1.6 fa)
  • External alarm option (visual or audible)
  • Supplied standard with protection cover.
  • Simple installation with Navman's through bulkhead mounting tube system.

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