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G-PILOT 3380

Award-Winning Color Autopilot

Navman has raised the bar significantly with the new color G-PILOT 3380, beating all other marine electronics devices from competitors for the prestigious DAME Award  at M.E.T.S. 2005.

This daylight viewable TFT display provides outstandingly clear information on heading status and key pilot data. It's more than a pretty display; it's a complete rewrite of pilot display functionality.

The rotary control dial allows a course to be set with ease as well as a user-friendly interface to the menu selections.  Surrounding the dial are port and starboard LED's that flash to show pilot course adjustments. This provides a level of comfort for the skipper with a single glance across the cabin or cockpit even in the dark of night.

One-button dodge and jog keys, easy selection of 90 / 180 deg turns and tack / gybe selection make controlling this pilot a breeze.

We've utilized the graphical capabilities to provide unique on-screen animations of the vessel's intended actions and progress through a turn.

Based on our award winning core-pack with gyro technology standard, this pilot is compatible with existing G-PILOT 3100 systems. Upgrade your existing 3100 system or add a second 3380 display.

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