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G-PILOT 3380

Award-Winning Color Autopilot

  • The G-PILOT 3380 head unit is fully compatible with other Navman autopilot components.
  • Large, daylight viewable, 3.8" Transflective QVGA color screen displays clear, crisp, full-color course information in all lighting conditions.
  • Unique user interface design fully utilizes the high resolution color screen.
  • Detailed information about the boat's situation is graphically represented, allowing easy interpretation.
  • Animated diagrams of autopilot actions such as dodge and track
  • Control of the autopilot is effortless due to the new rotary Control Dial.
  • Optical sensing technology guarantees durability, maximum performance and reliability.
  • Rate gyro senses the boat's motion precisely, allowing high-speed, accurate control of the vessel. A standard feature on Navman autopilots.
  • Bi-color illuminated bezel for indicating important autopilot behavior
  • Compass, GPS and wind steering modes
  • NavBus and Smartcraft™ capabilities make the G-PILOT 3380 the perfect system companion,
  • Installation wizards,
  • Multi display head capable
  • Dedicated dodge function keys
  • Follow-up rudder drive mode
  • Night-mode display option,
  • 2 x NMEA inputs, 1 x NMEA output