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FUEL 3100

1 or 2 Engine Fuel Management

Bring some peace-of-mind to your engine.

In addition to providing complete management of your vessel's fuel flow and fuel remaining, Navman's Fuel 3100 utilizes speed data from GPS or paddlewheel input to calculate real-time fuel economy data. The Fuel 3100 can be programmed to display these values in miles per gallon or litre.

This important information allows you to determine the optimum throttle and trim settings for single and twin engine boats. This will save you money on fuel and minimize long-term engine wear by running your engines at their most efficient settings.

Diagnosing engine faults and propeller damage is easy by comparing economy values over time. When used in twin-engine installations, the FUEL 3100 allows you to compare the individual flow rates of each engine to achieve maximum synchronization.

IMPORTANT: The gasoline fuel sensor has been specifically developed for use in marine applications with inboard and outboard engines and are not warranted for any other type of application.

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