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FUEL 2100

Compact Single-Engine Fuel Unit

Navman's compact dedicated fuel solution for single engine applications.


  • Instant fuel flow: 5 to 130 litres/hour, 1.4 to 35 US gallons per hour, or 1.1 to 30 imperial gallons per hour.
  • Suitable for carbureted 2- stroke engines from 50-300hp carbureted 4-stroke engines from 90- 300hp. Minimum flow rate 5 litres (1.3 US gallons) per hour.
  • Trip and total fuel consumption, user resettable, up to 999 units.
  • Designed for single engine applications only.
  • Volume remaining in tank (provided that the total tank volume has been entered).
  • Alarms: Low fuel alarm.

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