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FISH 4500

Dual Frequency Sounder, 5" Screen


  • Easy to view Color TFT 5" daylight viewable screen.
  • 600 watts RMS power optimizes overall sonar performance - depth readings to 2000 ft (600 m).
  • Dual Frequency operation (200/50 kHz) that allows both signals to be mixed on one screen or split and viewed side by side.
  • High resolution screen for clarity of sonar returns (320 x 234 pixels)
  • Fully variable zoom function allows you to zoom in on any portion of the water column.
  • Adjustable split screen allows you to customise the screen.
  • Standard with Transom mount dual frequency transducer with speed and temperature built in and 33 ft (10 m) cable for ease of installation. Through hull plastic and bronze transducers are available.
  • Built-in fuel computer software provides fuel flow, fuel used, fuel remaining, fuel economy, estimated range functions (Requires optional fuel transducer kit).
  • Useful alarms including Low Battery, Too Shallow, Too Deep, Water Temperature and Temperature Rate of Change to ensure you stay in those warm currents.
  • Engine Hours counter to help you maintain your engine.
  • Fully waterproof with an IPx6, IPx7 rating (immersed in 3 ft [1 m] water for 30 minutes).
  • Unit operates in both 12 V and 24 V systems.

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