This product is now discontinued

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FISH 4430

200 kHz Sounder, Entry-Level Sonar


  • 4.3" screen with a 160 x 120 pixel
  • Simple menu driven interface
  • Water temperature (0.0 to 37.7 / 32.0 to 99.9F)
  • Temperature, Temperature Rate of Change
  • 150 watts RMS power providing depth reading to 600ft (180m)
  • 20 soundings per second will give good target details
  • Sonar, A-Scope and fully variable Zoom display
  • Auto Range, Auto Gain and Bottom Lock
  • Snooze mode providing depth information at variable timed intervals to save power
  • Useful alarms including Low Battery, Too Shallow, Too Deep, Water
  • Fully waterproof with an IP67 rating (immersed in 3 ft [1 m] water for 30 minutes).

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