FAQ: Trackers

I am having a problem with manually plotting a course. I can't figure out why certain waypoints can not be entered into a route. When editing or creating a route it simply won't accept random waypoints.

Editing a route can be done either on the chart screen or from the route list. If you have an existing route and you would like to add waypoints to the route, determine whether you would like to Edit the Route by moving the cursor over the desired additional waypoint on the chart screen, or by selecting the desired additional waypoint from the route/waypoint list.

The first step is to make sure that the route you wish to edit is not an active route. If you are currently following a route, the Tracker will not allow addition/deletion of waypoints as a safety feature. To disable an active route, press Menu, then select Cancel Route , Enter.

To add waypoints to a Route by using the cursor on the chart screen.

  1. Press Display, Select Routes, Press Enter.
  2. Use the down cursor to select the route you wish to edit/add or move waypoints and press ENTER.
  3. From the Options Menu, select EDIT ON CHART, Press Enter. This will bring up the chart screen.
  4. Put the cursor on the waypoint you wish to add to the route. Press Menu.
  5. Select Add from the Options Menu and Press Enter. This will add a waypoint to the end of the Route.

If you wish to add a waypoint between existing waypoints in a Route Follow steps 1-3 as above and then:

  1. Place cursor on the leg of the route you wish to add a waypoint. Press Menu.
  2. Select Insert. Press Enter. You may now move the cursor to the desired waypoint location.
  3. Press Enter and edit waypoint name, fine tune position numerically if desired, and press ENTER.
  4. Press ESC to return to chart screen

To Add Waypoints to the end of a Route by Selection from the Waypoint list:

  1. Press Display, Select Routes, Press Enter
  2. Use the down cursor to select the route you wish to edit/add or move waypoints and press ENTER
  3. From the Options Menu, select Edit, Press Enter. This will bring up the Route Details.
  4. Using the cursor trackpad, select the next open Leg position on the page, Select Menu. This brings up an Options Menu.
  5. Select Insert. Press Enter.
  6. Select the waypoint number you wish from the list. Press Enter.
  7. Press ESC to return to chart screen

To Add Waypoints between existing waypoints from the Waypoint List.

  1. Follow steps 1-3 from previous.
  2. Using the cursor trackpad, select the waypoint leg you wish to insert a waypoint before/in front of. Press Menu.
  3. Select desired additional waypoint from the list, press Enter.
  4. Press ESC to return to chart screen.

Please remember that the Tracker will not allow Route editing to an active route.

Can I get marine data for my Navman iPaq or Palm GPS sleeve?

Navman does not offer this data but it is available from third-party suppliers. For example refer to the following web link:


Can I get topographical C-Map charts for use with Navman TRACKER?

Unfortunately this type of data is not available from C-Map.

Can I use a single C-Map and share data over NavBus between two TRACKERS

It is possible to use another tracker as a GPS source either through Navbus or NMEA, but it is not possible to share C-map data. Either a separate C-map must be purchased, or the C-Map transferred from unit to unit.

My TRACKER900 Chartplotter freezes and then eventually turns itself off?

This problem is usually related to the C-MAP cartridge. If the unit is attempting to read data from the cartridge and cannot for some reason it will lock up, and then sometimes will eventually turn itself off. The known causes for this are:

  1. Check that the cartridge copper contacts are clean and that the cartridge is pushed firmly into the holder. If the contact is poor then the unit may have difficulty in reading from the cartridge.
  2. There may be something wrong with the cartridge holder itself , and the unit may need to be repaired. If you have more than one cartridge then try a second cartridge, otherwise take the unit to your nearest NAVMAN dealer who will be happy to perform this simple test. In order to test the unit get into chart mode and zoom in and out so that the unit is forced to read data from the cartridge. The zoom must go well into the grey border of the mapped area for the unit to read data from the cartridge. By zooming in and out many times if there is a problem with the cartridge or holder then it will surely show up.
  3. Fitting the waterproof rubber boot the wrong way so the ridges in the rubber boot face the rear of the unit can actually bend the C-MAP and open the contacts on the reader. Always fit the rubber boot with the ridges facing the user.

How do I create a waypoint using a set of lat/lon co-ordinates on my 5000 series Tracker?

  1. Press DISP button
  2. Select Waypoints from the menu
  3. Press ENT to open the options menu
  4. Select Create from the menu
  5. Use the Cursor keys to highlight the waypoint name, location etc and press ENT to select.
  6. Up and down keys to change number/letter ENT to store.
  7. Highlight Save and press ENT to store waypoint when done.

How do I upload/download saved waypoints or routes using my TRACKER?

The TRACKER 5100/5500/5600 instruments are compatible with PC-Planner software from C-Map. This software will allow the user to share data between a PC and the TRACKER instrument. Please see the C-Map website for more details:


My TRACKER 5000 series or FISH 4500 has 2 black wires on the power cable, what is the difference between these two wires?

One has heatshrink (grey) and the other is insulated normally. The wire with heatshrink is the shield for the cable and the other is the GND wire for the unit. Both wires are connected to the same pin on the plug so both should be connected to GND for optimal performance.

My TRACKER displays a checkered screen with no info when I zoom in.

Your unit is probably in plotter mode. Plotter mode can zoom into chart scales that are not available on a chart cartridge.

  • It can be used to zoom in to a small scale and track very small boat movements.
  • It can be used when there is no detailed chart for an area, for example when crossing an ocean.

If plotter mode is ON and the chart is zoomed to a scale which is not available, the TRACKER will enter plotter mode and will only display the boat position and track (if enabled). Chart and map information will no longer be displayed and the display is white with black crosshatch lines. For normal use turn Plotter mode OFF, see user manual.

What are the differences between C-Map, NT, NT+, CF85 data cards?

All Navman GPS products are compatible with C-map NT and NT+ chart cartridges. For more information on chart cartridges refer: