FAQ: Instruments

The speed reads low, or speed readings erratic.

There are two possibilities here:

  1. One of the paddlewheel magnets may have fallen out. This will mean that the speed will read about half what it should read, because the transducer is producing only one pulse per revolution of the paddlewheel instead of two.
    A common signal of this is when the unit comes in for repair and the user has calibrated the speed up by 100%, to accommodate for the speed reading half what it should. This means that the speed will become more erratic and jump around more because of the decrease in resolution from having half the amount of pulses from the transducer.
  2. The transducer was installed incorrectly. The spokes on the paddlewheel are sloped in one way, and the transducer must be installed so that the spokes of the paddlewheel are facing forward to catch the water as it flows past. -
    The speed transducer must be installed in a position on the boat where it will receive a clean water flow that is free from turbulence. Preferably it should be in a section of the boat which is flat and smooth. The paddlewheel must not be behind any other transducers, especially the depth transducer and in powerboats should not be in line with any which might cause turbulent flow onto the transducer.
  3. Additionally, in yachts the speed transducer must be mounted as close as possible to the centreline. The further off the centreline the paddlewheel transducer is the greater thevariation will be experienced in boat speed-reading from one tack to the other tack.

There is no speed-reading.

The paddlewheels can be damaged by being knocked (eg running aground). Damage may not be apparent to initial inspection.

  1. Check the paddle wheel to ensure that it is free and spinning.
  2. Check that the magnets (the small cylindrical metal parts on the wheel) are in place.

Replacement paddlewheel kits are a standard spare part and most dealers keep a few paddlewheel kits in stock. You need to specify whether the paddlewheel to be replaced is a transom mount or a through hull type as the two paddlewheels are different. Paddlewheels are easy to remove/install.

When I connect a GPS to my WIND 3100, I can not get true wind readings?

To display VMG, true wind speed and direction, the WIND 3100 must be connected to an instrument that outputs boat speed. If the WIND 3100 is connected to an instrument that outputs speed through water and to an instrument that outputs speed over ground (GPS), then you can select which the WIND 3100 will use:

  1. Press +several times until the Speed Mode screen is displayed:
  2. Press orto change the mode to (Speed over ground) or (boat speed through water).
  3. Press