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1 or 2 Engine Diesel Management

A diesel solution for performance specialists.

Navman's ingenious diesel fuel management system monitors fuel flow with a positive displacement flow sensor on both inlet and return lines to compute highly accurate fuel consumption.

"Will it work with my Diesel Engine?"

Navman's diesel system has been designed to be installed and operate on most diesel engines in the 100 to 400 horsepower range. However, the key specification is the fuel flow rate through the engine (note: this is not the consumption rate).

For the system to work accurately, the flow in the supply pipe to the engine must be less than 400 litres (105.7 gal(US)) per hour.

The flow in the return pipe back to the tank must be more than 25 litres (6.6 gal(US)) per hour.

When combined with speed data (from GPS or paddle wheel), valuable fuel economy and range information can be displayed. This data is crucial for determining optimum throttle settings for maximum engine efficiency.

The Navman Diesel 3200 includes a digital engine tachometer input for complete engine propulsion and performance analysis.

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