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1 or 2 Engine Diesel Management


  • Digital engine tachometer input for complete engine, propulsion and performance analysis.
  • Standard kit contains the two flow sensors and one RPM sensor required for one engine.
  • To get economy readings, a speed input is required.  Speed readings can be from an optional transom or though hull transducer, or the system will accept NMEA 0183 speed (SOG) from any GPS,  or NMEA  (STW)  from any water speed instrument.


  • A direct flow bypass valve, to take the sensor out of the fuel line if required
  • Low pressure drop across the sensor
  • Simple, in-line installation much like a primary fuel filter
  • The inlet and outlet ports have a commonly-available thread: a 1/4" NPT parallel female thread on sensor.  Requires a fitting with 1/4" NPT taper male thread
  • No restriction on pipe geometry on entry or exit from sensor
  • Supply with temporary straight trough pipes to make installation safer
  • Factory tested and calibrated€”sensors do not normally require calibrating again
  • Either port can be inlet or outlet€”simplifies pipe connection when installing
  • Both sensors measure fuel temperature, and compensate for thermal effects.

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