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DEPTH 2100

Small, Powerful Sonar Display

Large for its size.

Navman's 2100 series Depth Sounder can also be configured to operate as a repeater allowing multiple depth instruments to be mounted on a single vessel. In this mode it displays depth information from any other instrument sending NMEA 0183 depth data, including another Navman Depth Sounder.

  • Depth 2 to 590 ft [0.6 to 180 m], or 0.3 to 100 fathoms*
  • Too deep and too shallow alarms
  • Optional external alarms (sound or light) 12 V DC, up to 100 mA
  • Surface clutter filter (3 levels) for greater accuracy
  • Choice of units: metres, feet or fathoms
  • Keel offset

*Depth capabilities depends on depth transducer type, installation and clarity of water.

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