Navman Marine Electronics

Leave the sandbars behind you.

In 1986, after developing his first fish finder in a garage in Auckland (New Zealand), Peter Maire founded Talon Technology, establishing the company as a pioneer in custom-made electronic products for the Marine market.

Four years later, in 1990, the company officially secured ownership of the Navman Trademark. The dramatic increase in product development and sales from 1998 proved that the company was in need for a rapid expansion and the acquisition of Navman by Brunswick Corporation in June 2004 enabled the company to continue its international extension.

Designing and manufacturing fish finders, chart plotters, VHF radios, autopilots and sailing instruments, the Marine branch of Navman was later sold by Brunswick to the Norwegian company Navico in April 2007 who became the parent company of seven marine electronics brands. Navico became the global leader in the Marine Electronics industry for the recreational boat market. Navico progressively merged the technology developed in-house into three major brands: Lowrance, Simrad and B&G covering the fishing, the cruising and the sailing markets.

The robustness, performance and easy-to-use qualities of the Navman products continue today to be integrated into Navico's technology as the savoir-faire of the people remains in the company. Support of your Navman electronics are also carried out by Navico and many Navico dealers.

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